• Do you need expert help drafting, reviewing and negotiating insurance or reinsurance contracts?

  • Are you purchasing insurance or reinsurance coverage tailored to your company's needs?

Caprio Consulting offers customized, strategic property and casualty insurance and reinsurance consulting services to the following clients:

Insurance and Reinsurance Companies

  • Developing innovative, clear and concise contract wording
  • Establishing or re-engineering systems to manage reinsurance credit risk
  • Purchasing efficient reinsurance coverage
  • Managing ceded reinsurance operations

Captives and Self-Insured Companies

  • Purchasing efficient property and casualty insurance coverage
  • Risk Management Services

“Elaine’s expertise is multi-layered. She knows insurance and reinsurance from a legal, financial and operational perspective, and has a keen understanding of business drivers. She pursues strategic and tactical solutions with energy, drive and a focus on business goals. Elaine quickly zeros in on critical issues and distills complex situations to their core. She sees opportunities for synergy and integration where others do not and skillfully translates that vision into opportunities.”

— Kathryn Winn, Retired General Counsel, Commercial Markets, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

  • Reviewing property and casualty policies to ensure coverages fully meet business needs
  • Purchasing efficient property and casualty insurance coverage

Private Equity Firms and Hedge Funds

  • Providing knowledge of traditional reinsurance to Insurance Linked Securities investors
  • Assisting with the development of Catastrophe Bond differentiators to encourage repeated issuances

“Elaine, while not being the first to oversee a cat bond issuance program, quickly became a leading figure in the market, articulating to both internal and external stakeholders why exactly this new form of risk transfer was good practice for her company. Elaine also did a great job putting everyone at ease when bringing cat bonds to market.”
“Elaine is a clear thinker with a bias to action. Her energy, work ethic and attention to detail make her a pleasure to work with.”

— John Seo, Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Fermat Capital Management LLC

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